करवा चौथ कथा प्रारम्भ- Karva Chauth Katha (page 3/5)

karva chauth katha

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha in English

She gave that coin to her sister-in-laws to heard those blesses and tied a knot in her flap. When she reached inside the house, her mother-in-law said – Go and sit in room at top floor. When she reached at room, she found that her husband dead. She cried bitterly to see her husband dead and blame herself that she must made some mistake during her karwaa chauth fast. She engaged herself in service of her husband and forget thurst & hunger. Karwe Maa came on fourth day of wanning moon of every month and said- “Take karawe, take karawe,Feel hunger then eat with your brothers”.Gradually one year passed and karwe maa came on fourth day of wanning moon of aashwin month and said-“ take karawe, take karawe, O beloved of brothers, Feel hunger then eat with your brothers”